Simple & Pretty


We are Matt and Judit; as a company, we are Simple & Pretty

We create apps to help people getting things done efficiently, which means they have to spend little effort to get tasks and choirs out of the way, so they can free up time for the things that matter. 


This is how we make apps

  • We identify problems (big and small) that cause friction in the way people get thingsdone.
  • With research, we validate if these problems are happening to real people.
  • At this early stage, we start an ongoing conversation with puueople and experts, so we can learn from their insights
  • Then we look at how others have tackled these problems before, and what tools are already available. This way we can focus on solving these problems in the right way, instead of loosing time reinventing wheels
  • Our design and implementation decisions are informed by data from the start
  • Our apps are engineered to support the latest features and technology already available in people's devices, therefore augmenting the user experience inside our apps
  • We design, test and learn from users' feedback
  • Then we iterate, test and learn again
  • That way we make sure that our apps are simple and easy to use
  • We make our apps as inclusive and accessible as possible; we don't want to exclude anyone
  • Our apps are engineered to protect people's data
  • Our apps are responsible with the environment, and are designed to be efficient and light
  • We don't really finish when we launch our apps. This is ongoing work
  • We use analytics inside our apps so we can track usage, learn from it and iterate forfuture updates

Some of our latest work

  • Money In and Money Out: Painless bookkeeping from your iPhone for independent workers, freelancers, digital nomads and contractors
  • Decider: A rock-paper-scissors game to resolve disputes and make decisions when chatting with your contacts on iMessage
  • Shiba: An exclusive collection of stickers by Abiheil for the Shiba lovers to share on iMessage

Get in touch

We also help companies creating efficient apps to identify and solve their own problems. Drop as a line at [email protected] if you're interested in learning more on how we can help

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