Who we are

We’re experienced and efficient remote workers. We’re motivated with a problem-solving attitude. We’re self-discipline and organised. We get things done. 


We are Judit & Matt


Our approach

Research-lead UX

In its different types, research informs our design decisions with data and evidence. It helps designing the right thing, in the right way, which saves money and time in the long run. We conduct research in a lean way, providing actionable user insights without breaking the bank on recruitment agencies and lab testing.

Collaborative & transparent

We don’t work in isolation. We collaborate closely involving your team in our workflow to ensure we design and build the right experience. We speed up production with a “show, don’t tell” approach to hand-off communication. We work openly, you can access WIP and final docs any time. We free you up from later dependencies making everything available online.

Code of conduct

We commit to do our job to the best of our abilities, in an ethical, responsible way. We consider the repercussions of our design choices and their impact on real people. We believe that good design is accessible and inclusive.

We store research and design materials safely and securely. We keep users’ data anonymous, and only share it with the team for project’s purposes.

Pair design

We share a common space with two laptops, a whiteboard, sketchpads and post-its where the two of us design as one for a project. Working together we deliver more and better design and we speed up our workflow. It maximises design quality and reduces need of rework. Working as one enables design improvement in the production cycle without slowing things down.

Read our article on How we do pair design.

Systematic feedback

It's our decision-making tool. We conduct design critiques constantly as part of our pair workflow. We also include feedback loops from users and the product team. We don’t react to it without thinking. We reflect and respond on the best way for your users and your business goals.


Tools we use

These are the tools we regularly work with. We can help you setting up your project toolkit, or work with your existing workflow. Where possible we connect these tools through integrations, or via automation services such as Zapier and IFFFT, so we can create efficient workflows that minimise effort and rework.