Hi, I’m Judit

UX Researcher

I’ve been helping digital teams to design and build user-centric products and services fo the last seven years. I provide actionable UX research, testing, insights and recommendations through all stages of a product’s lifecycle.


I involve team members in the research I conduct to ensure they become real user advocators. This helps them to distil their product strategy based on evidence and to make data-informed design decisions.

I collaborate with Matt to design and build efficient, high-quality experiences that add value to users, businesses and the world we live in.

Prior to my career as a UX researcher, I worked as a journalist, editorial designer and magazine art director for almost a decade.

Journalism provided me with the skills to know how to ask the right questions, listen when people talk and communicate their stories accurately. Editorial design gave me understanding of content, hierarchy and structure, and an eye for detail. Art direction gave me the opportunity to coordinate teams and provide actionable insights.

All these learned skills became hugely relevant when I transitioned to digital, and have greatly influence my work as UX researcher these days.


How I got here

April 2018

First Health startup

I helped OCN envision their product and its offering, by providing discovery research and user insights, experience recommendations and customer journey mapping.

January 2017

First security product

I conducted discovery research, user interviews, testing and diary studies for Mullvad's VPN apps.

November 2016

First time localising apps

I planned, translated and launched the Spanish versions of Money In & Money Out iPhone apps, the promo website and marketing assets.

September 2016

First time launching my own apps

Along side the release of iOS 10, we launched Money In & Money Out, a pair of bookkeeping iPhone apps for freelancers.

April 2015

First dual-governmental service

Working for Home Office Digital through Kainos, I provided user research and prototype testing for Global Entry Programme. This was a joint project between UK and US goverment border forces.

March 2015

First bi-lingual governmental service

Working for Home Office Digital through Kainos, I mapped the customer journey for an Electronic Visa Waiver Programme. This service was for English and Arabic speakers.

November 2014

UX coach at Bali startup weekend

I assisted and gave advice on UX research to members of small startup teams, so they could rapidly create their product over crazy 72 hours.

September 2014

First time conducting remote user testing

Working for Adaptive Lab, I conducted moderated (in presence & remote) and unmoderated user testing for Barclaycard’s servicing tool.

June 2014

First time conducting user testing embeded in Agile sprints

Working for New Experience, I conducted usability testing sessions for Sky's Cloud storage service, reporting weekly insights and recommendations to the product team.

May 2014

Joined Matt Homer at Simple & Pretty

Working as a design pair, we provide businesses with efficient, affordable, research-informed, full-stack UX services.

March 2014

First time conducting field research in the Pharma industry

Working for Tigerspike, I conducted user shadowing, contextual enquiry, stakeholders interviews and focus groups for Novartis global marketing plan.

February 2014

First time conducting primary research for public services

Working for Tigerspike, I conducted user shadowing and contextual enquiry with social workers from the Adult Social Care team from Westminster City Council to identify needs, pain points and oportunities for improvement in their processes.

July 2013

Set up an in-house usability lab

Working for Tigerspike, I seet up a portable, in-house research lab and conducted weekly, rapid usability testing for John Lewis's iPad app.

January 2012

First time mapping customer journeys with task analysis

Working for Tigerspike, I conducted task analysis and mapped the customer journey for different user types of American Express mobile homepage and app.

October 2011

First time conducting competition analysis

Working for Tigerspike, I conducted for Emirates Airlines a series of competition analysis on airline and travel apps, benchmarking existing functionality to gain market insights and unveil opportunities.

July 2011

First role as a UX Researcher

Tigerspike was the first digital agency to hire me while I was transitioning from print to UX design. I'm thankful to them, specially to Greg Taylor.

March 2011

First time speaker

I was invited to talk at Design Symposium at the University of Zurich about the relevance of the iPad for the future of print magazines.

October 2010

MA in Interactive Media

Graduated with Distinction from London School of Communication. My disertion and final project focused on new user experiences on the iPad (which launched in March 2010).

May 2005

Promoted to art director

For four years, I was the Special Issues art director for the Brides, Interiors and lifestyle editions for TELVA magazine.

November 1999

First role as editorial designer

While working for TELVA magazine, our design team, lead by art director Carolina Carrascal, won the ARI Design Award to the best editorial design team of the year in 2002.

June 1999

MA in Editorial Magazine Design

Graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Journalism.

June 1999

BA in Journalism

Graduated from University of Navarra, School of Journalism.


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