Hi, I’m Matt

UX Designer

I am a multi-disciplinary designer, who specialises in creating apps and websites. More than just pixel-pushing and style guides, I help businesses efficiently strategise, create and execute user-centric experiences.


After nearly 2 decades of helping businesses of all size, — in-house, in agencies or as a consultant — I have seen more failures than successes. I combine these learnings with ethical business and design principles, to deliver effective digital experiences, with reduced cost and risk.

All my work is research–led and data–informed, which helps reduce ego, bias and subjectivity in my problem solving and execution. Judit keeps me accountable through deep, interwoven collaboration.

I hate wasted time, rework and bureaucracy. So, where possible, I implement optimisations and automations to increase productivity and collaboration.

During the last year I have been learning Spanish, app development and building construction. 


How I got here

April 2018

First Health startup

I helped OCN envision their product and team, providing discovery research insights, product strategy and definition, UX requirements and recommendations for the experience.

January 2017

First security product

I helped Mullvad redesign their multi-platform VPN apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.

September 2016

First time launching my own apps

Along side the release of iOS 10, we launched Money In and Money Out, a pair of bookkeeping iPhone apps for freelancers.

May 2015

First News startup

I helped Bullet News improve their customer experience across multiple channels.

November 2014

UX coach at Bali startup weekend

I assisted and gave advice on UX design to members of small startup teams, so they could rapidly create their product over crazy 72 hours.

August 2014

Enhanced data visualisation and reporting for conflict zones

I helped First Mile Geo redesigning their website, dashboard and charts to improve the reporting experience with enhanced data visualisation.

June 2014

First bilingual English-Chinese app design

While working with Snapp, I designed The Economist China iOS bilingual app, which would become The Economist’s Global Business Review app.

April 2014

Featured in Apple App Store

While working with Snapp, I designed The Economist Radio for iOS, Android and web. It was designed and built in 8 weeks, and was feature in iOS App Store.

July 2013

UX strategy and design direction for global platform.

While working with Snapp, I worked on site as in-house design director for Trustpilot, in Copenhagen. I help them with their rebrand and rebuild of their customer channels.

April 2013

First smart home app design

Working along side Magi hardware team, on location in Cape Town, I designed a simple and intuitive way to control your home smart lights using your iPhone.

March 2013

Formed Simple & Pretty

Working as a design pair, we provide businesses with efficient, affordable, research-informed, full-stack UX services.

October 2012

Design lead for global brand’s iOS app

While working at Tigerspike, I did the UI/UX design for Emirates Airlines iOS apps, working from London, Dubai and Poland.

September 2011

First bilingual English (LTR) - Hebrew (RTL) app design

While working at Tigerspike, I lead the UX for Haaretz iOS apps, in London and Tel Aviv.

August 2011

First bilingual English (LTR) - Arabic (RTL) app design

While working at Tigerspike, I helped designing the Al-Jazeera iPad app.

May 2011

Template app design for brand products

While working at Tigerspike, I designed a range of recipe apps for Random House. They shared similar UX, but different UI visual styles. I also did the UI design of the first in the range: My Kitchen Table.

September 2009

First iOS app design

I designed and directed the production of the Bloodhound iPhone app for Mist agency. It was a product info and news app with at “join the pipes” mini-game, for the ‘World’s fastest car’ challenger.

February 2008

First accessibility project

While working at Mezzo, I created web and digital accessibility resources for disabled users for DirectGov.

August 2007

First mobile project

While working at Mezzo, I helped design NHS TrainingPod — a pre-smartphone mobile learning platform, using iPod USB sticks, for Nurses on-going, on-the-job education.

June 2005

Graduated BSc EIMC

With Honours. From University of Bradford. Focusing on Design, Web development and video production.

September 2004

Note-taking for special needs students

While working for University of Bradford Student Services, I attended Ba Archeology lectors as an official note-taker.

August 2004

The Goodness music collective

I was responsible for all visual aspects, including music artwork, web, social media, flyers, merchandise, animations and club visuals.

April 2002

Formed design studio called Friction

A studio focusing on branding, web and print design services for startups and SMEs.

August 2001

First commercial project

Flash website for LoveApple cafe in Bradford, for SectionEmedia agency.

April 2001

Design internship

Working for SectionEMedia, I was promoted to junior designer after 3 months.

July 2000

Graduated Advance GNVQ Business

A 2-year business course, which I passed with Distinction.


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